submission eleven (11)

Title: Unrequited text

Your Story: My husband of 22 years is from another state...recently on FB an old girlfriend contacted him...he hasn't seen her in first he told me about her she was 13 years old he was 16...hes 55 now...they reminisced about old times...he said they never had sex bc he left her when he found out she was 13...he saw her a few times over nextv3cyears bc they had same friends...she screwed up her life husband drug dealer murdered...cancer last year...sick all the time...ex has HIV gets tested all the time...she shares all if this and more with him...and even more intimate things including her feelings for him still...she sent him messenger texts about her still using drugs and drinking...he didnt tell me this until her texts she sent him love songs and kisses cute little heart filled pics and photos...I saw them once and he didn't lie he said they were from his friends wife...turns out they were not together any forward to first week of January I get our phone bill which I dont usually look at but I had deleted one of my best friends new phone numbers and was looking for it in the bill is usually 8 pages long...this time I noticed it was 30 pages wtf moment...calls and texts to the same number hours and hours times when I was at work and at home...his time he goes to the gym...I confronted him and he told me it was nothing he was just trying to help get away from drugs and alcohol and help her with her illnesses...but he deleted all if the texts...hes my husband and I trusted him...then I asked to see his phone he refused...I waited til he was not around and it was plugged in...he had very intimate conversations with her...I heard him on the phone with his friend saying I love her...he said that he was telling him he loved the guys wife fir helping him with something...that note he talked to her about it saying I was watching him like a hawk and then hevsaid... she heard me tell my friend I love you...that hurt so bad...again I start up a conversation about it and he came clean and said he felt bad he left her when he did and she got caught up in drugs and felt he was to blame...he said he loves her family but their comments to each other say more...she sent him the song how deep is your love the beegees his reply Deeper than you know...she tells him about her hemorrhoids her period her breast biopsy her daughter being in an abusive relationship...getting raped when she was in her twenties saying hes the only one she ever told...again conversation with hubby I'm not leaving you for her I'm not cheating I'm still here...but his heart is not here lots of talking...he kept it secret bc she diesnt like everyone to know her business...she created a new page just for him...her cleavage is her fb pic...shes very needy and I dont want to throw away 22 years of good times with him...he says she said when she finds a man she will have to let hubby go another wtf texting cheating? Intimacy of any kind with someone other than your significant other is still cheating.