BTRAYED is an anonymous community built to provide a space for letting go. Really - let it go, let it fly, let it rip, say all the things you think in your head and would feel crazy saying out loud. It’s time to get it out. Cry, yell, scream, curse - it’s all okay here.

This is also a place to recognize all of the feelings that come with the trauma of adultery, broken trust, and disloyalty. Having experienced the shame and humiliation associated with being on the receiving end of infidelity, I know how those feelings shut me down, and kept me from making connections with others enduring the same confusion, anger, and pain. How do you even find others going through the same shitty shit? How do we support each other, learn from each other, and not allow those connections become pity parties.

While I am in the center of my own pain, I want to give anyone going through this “forced relationship transition” a place to be seen and heard. I want to create a place for connection, understanding, and release. I want us to come together to grow from this, and not stay victims of it.

I encourage you to share anonymously, either directly on this site, or by mailing your thoughts on one side of a postcard to the BTRAYED team. Stories submitted will be reviewed, and posted for feedback and to serve as support for others.

We are not doctors. We are not relationship therapists, and we will not give advice, but we will hear you.

As a community we are going through the same stuff in different parts of the world, trying to reconcile what has happened, heal our broken hearts, and find a healthy way to move forward.

The ultimate goal is for you to be here only as long as you need to be. Get the things you need off your chest, and out of your head and heart through writing. We want you to be able to find insight and encouragement from others, and work towards finding peace and moving forward with your life.

The last ask is that once you’ve reached your own place of forgiveness, come back and support someone who is struggling with the phases of betrayal that you’ve been through. Close the loop.

Anonymous sharing can be cathartic.

Go do it! You will feel better!