submission forty-one (41)

Title: I am realizing that my husband had an affair 55 years ago.I feel angry, hurt and jealous

I am 85 years old. To pass time I got out my diaries.Now I am putting two & two together.I had 3 babies in 3
years and I was so involved with them that I just kind of let my husband do his own thing. It all seemed just
fine then but as I put actions together now, i see that it was an affair.

It started on July 13, 1962.I was expecting him home at 9:30.He was a bank VP in a a small midwestern
town and they closed at 9:00 on Friday nights.That night there was no phone call and no husband until
3;30.I was pregnant and had walked the floor for hours.Slapped him when he came in and went to bed.

I asked him the next day if a girl had been involved. He said NO. I found out that the lovely, blond teller
in the bank fantasized over him.I also found out that she invited 2 other male coworkers and 2 other
gals to see her new apartment. Before long it was just the two of them there alone. I am convinced that
a 7 month affair started that night.He gave her up when my 3rd baby was born but since I never realized
what was going on I just look back and see that it did end then.

During their affair he always had reasons for being two hours late from work and convincing stories of
meetings he needed to attend and occasionally he would say he was going out for a drink with the boys.

What bothers me is------where would they go and what did they do? I am thinking that they had sex every
time they were together. There were people in her apartment so I picture them in one of the many
Minneapolis, Minnesota bars that had facilities for lovers.My husband is also 85 now and we have had
55 normal, happy years. He has had a stroke and does not remember much but he does remember a 
lovely gal named Dagney and doing things with her. Please, just tell me what they did in 3 or 4 hours
and where they probably went. Did they just get together for sex or did they go to movies and go
shopping? Please, just give me your opinion. Thanks so much I probably should not add my name?