submission eight (8)

Title: The affair

Their Story: My husband and I have been married for 10yrs. Yes we've had our ups and downs but I felt like we loved each other and would make it. I have supported him through a tour in Iraq, his job,which hes been to police academy twice for. We have 4 children. I did everything at home cook, clean, take care of the kids. He has always provided for us. I supported every hobby hes had which his recent one is weightlifting. We did crossfit together and I though we were doing good. We have had some financial struggles as expected with a big family. Anyways I've always thought he had some mental issues like PTSD from his childhood, Iraq, and his job but he would ignore me. Couple of months ago he finally went to the VA. He was found to have tumor on his pituitary gland but he has not officially been diagnosed with PTSD. He had become very irritable with me and the children, nothing I did was ever good enough. He would find reasons to stay away from home. About 3months ago he decided to move out. Told me it was so he could take treatments for his tumor which was cancer and get better mentally and we could work on us. He had just kept becoming more and more distant. Then I found out about the other woman. She is 9 years younger and goes to our gym. I knew the first time I ever saw her she was trouble well I was right. He of course denied like crazy then admitted it was a brief lapse of judgement a mistake that he never slept with her. I believed him at first. But he asked for a divorce when I found out. Said we have been unhappy for years, I said I must have been in lala land cause I never felt that. I recently found out he had been with her for months even when he was still living at home telling me he loved me and sleeping with me. I have never felt so much hurt, anger, and just disgust for someone. He continues to lie about his relationship with this girl which I dont understand. This girl is in love and thinks he loves her who knows maybe he does but why does he continue to hide her. I dont wont him back cause I can never look at him the same but I want him to hurt like I do and miss me like I do him.